Reliance brings new offers to its 3G Tab

RComm has announced three bundled offers to enhance the value and customer experience for their 3G Tab customers. The new offers, include a 500 MB data usage free per month for three months, a two month full subscription pack from BigFlix+ and free international calls through Reliance Global Call.
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Reliance 3G Tab Demo video

Reliance 3G Tab Demo (Rs. 12,999)

Reliance 3G Tab advertisement (rs. 12999/-)

Reliance 3G Tab advertisement commercials

Reliance 3g Tab Camera Test

Reliance 3g Tablet Camera Test

Reliance 3G Tablet Unboxing

Reliance 3G tablet unboxing video. This unboxing video is only for the most technically-inclined audiences and may have to be viewed a few times to ensure all information is absorbed. Enjoy this amazing new reliance tablet unboxing video which is for Rs. 12,999.

Reliance 3G Tablet Review

Reliance 3G Tablet Review: Watch the Video on youtube to know more about Reliance 3G tablet for Rs.12,999.