Anil Ambani: Die another day!

Anil Ambani, 51, is on no. 7 on the India Today High and Mighty power list 2012. Here is why…images2

his influence in Delhi’s power circles saw him lead a harassed telecom industry in negotiations with the Government; neither he nor Ratan Tata was named in the 2G cases.

when no Indian banks offered him finance in January 2012, he arranged a Rs.6,000-crore loan from a consortium of Chinese banks.

his ventures also received low-interest financing from Japan and Europe.

three films produced by Reliance DreamWorks, his jv with Steven Spielberg, were nominated for 11 Academy Awards.

his truce with elder brother Mukesh, confirmed at a family reunion in Chorwad, Gujarat, in December 2011 to mark father Dhirubhai Ambani‘s 80th birth anniversary, boosted their stock prices.

Birthday gift
He visited the Mahakal Temple in Ujjain on his 51st birthday in June 2011, with elder son Jai Anmol.


Time for Anil Ambani to apply moral codes to himself

Ever since a succession battle broke out between the Ambani scions four years ago, Anil Ambani has sought to take the moral high ground.

Whether it was the issue of the treasury stock (which came about when Reliance Industries Limited and Reliance Petroleum merged, or the dependent nature of so-called independent directors of RIL, or the opaque structuring of conflict-of-interest deals, Anil Ambani came out with guns blazing, accusing his older brother Mukesh of trying to diddle the shareholders of the company their father had built.
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