General FAQs for BlackBerry Handset with Reliance Operator

What is a BlackBerry?
Blackberry is a mobile phone, which also provides instant access to the internet and your emails while roaming nationally and internationally in select locations. You are always connected wherever you go.

Can I have a BlackBerry plan only for data and not for voice?
The BlackBerry plan is for email data usage. You will have to take a separate plan for voice.

Can I use the BlackBerry email solution on any other phone?
No. It can be used only with a BlackBerry handset that has been purchased from Reliance.

Can I use the BlackBerry handset with some other operator?

Is BlackBerry compatible with my current handset?
No, this service is not compatible with your existing handset. You will have to purchase a Blackberry handheld from Reliance.

Where can I buy a BlackBerry handheld?
You can buy a BlackBerry handheld in our designated Reliance World or Reliance Communications outlets, or in case you are a corporate customer, you can ask your relationship manager to arrange the same for you.

Does BlackBerry work offline, even when Reliance connectivity is zero?
No it does not work offline. You will have to be in the coverage area. Offline you will be able to read old e-mails in your mailbox.

What is the warranty period for the handset?
The warranty period extends to 12 months from date of purchase for the handset, 12 months from date of purchase for the battery and 12 months from date of purchase for the charger or USB cable.

What if my device develops problems after the warranty period?
Out of warranty service is available at Reliance BlackBerry support outlets. Charges will be levied as applicable.

What do I do if my BlackBerry wireless handheld is lost or stolen?
Please contact BlackBerry helpdesk to have your account de-activated immediately.

What are the helpline contacts?
You can email at or call at 30336363.

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