Brindco ties up with Reliance Retail

The leading wine importer, Brindco has tied up with Reliance Retail with an exclusive arrangement to handle the sale of imported wines at the Reliance Signature Fresh stores,, with the first one opening next week in Mumbai, reports Subhash Arora.

The first signature outlet to open next week is near the US Consulate on Kemp’s Corner, Mumbai. Initially, Reliance Signature Fresh is expected to concentrate in the Mumbai market where despite high excise duties the demand is less price sensitive than the rest of the nation.

About 100 labels are initially expected to be available in the wine section- to be located as a separate part of the store. In all likelihood, the wines available would be more of the entry-level, quaffable wines due to heavy taxation. Universally, wines sold in the supermarkets are value-for-money wines which are sold at thin margins but in high volumes. To that extent, several new labels may be introduced for the first time.

Efforts to contact Aman Dhall failed. However, a month ago, in a chat with delWine, Dr. Ariff Jamal, COO of Brindco had hinted that the talks with Reliance for an exclusive tie-up were at the final stage of negotiations.

Our sourcesl confirm that the first signature store will open next week and will eventually stock 400-500 labels. ‘Initially, we shall stick to the labels available as many importers have not been able to replenish their stocks with the excise technical complications.’ As a concept this is the first high end store to be opened by Reliance, with a lot more imported wines, cheeses, bakery products and other lifestyle products for the HNW individuals,’ revealed the source.

Brindco would be the front-end partners. Back end will be looked after by Reliance and the wine selection and promotions will be done by them with Brindco’s advice. However the wines would be sources from the global basket.

The organised Retail is expected to revolutionise the sale of wines in India with a new dimension added to the product availability and variety. So why did Reliance take so much time to start when companies like Godrej, Spencer’s and Big Bazaar have already taken the lead? Reliance Signature Fresh stores which are slightly of different format were to be opened first.. Getting the licenses was another issue which has been sorted out now and the process of sourcing the wines has already begun,.

Reliance plans to open about 100 such Signature stores in India during the coming months, making a significant potential addition to the wine sales.

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